Wangaratta Street Park

Wangaratta Street Park, Richmond, Victoria, 2017

Pollen were engaged by the City of Yarra to explore the public space opportunities available for Wangaratta Street Park through methods of community consultation and engagement. The existing site sits at the corner of Stewart and Wangaratta Streets in Richmond, and is wedged between the railway line, the Corner Hotel, existing warehouses and newly developed multi-residential buildings. At roughly 520m2 in size, the park was developed in mid 1990’s and mainly consists of asphalt and granitic sand surfaces.

The park currently does not provide enough seating and shade for its users – being the local community and those who popularly use the space as a lunch spot. To understand the potential of the park and what locals envisage the space as, a series of brightly coloured ‘bird boxes’ were installed in the trees on and around the site which would collect the community’s feedback through a postcard and mailbox system. An online-survey was also run concurrently to ensure that locals who had not seen the installation could also provide their input. A ‘garden tea party’ was held on site to allow people to come and talk to Council about their needs and wants for the site as well as gain a better understanding of the consultation process. Following the receipt of all feedback, interested people were invited to a second workshop to review the results of the community’s feedback as well as make design suggestions for the site. Twelve local residents attended the workshop on a Monday evening and contributed their ideas.

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