TNA Picnic Area

Tim Neville Arboretum, Knox City Council 2014

TNApicnic06(edit)Pollen Studio was engaged by the City of Knox to analyze current use patterns and develop concept designs for a picnic and BBQ area in a busy suburban parkland. Following a detailed analysis and observation of the existing site, we developed simple landscape interventions that help to maximize the use of the site without inhibiting any of the current diversity of visitation. Due to the unique park surrounds and all abilities play space; this picnic area is at the heart of one of the Knox’s most popular parks and this design aims to maximise its already intensive use.130705_TNA_Plan_Stage_1_Use_DRAFT_131016Sketch concepts and detailed plans were developed for consultation which was then translated into a documentation package for tendering. Pollen worked closely with the chosen fabricator to ensure our 3D modeled concepts were realised accurately and came within the required budget and timeframe.TNA_summer_am_710TNA_Plan_130916_DRAFT_710TNA_sections_710TNA_furniture_ideas_710/Users/pollen1/Dropbox/POLLEN (1)/POLLEN projects_jobs (active)/

TNApicnic02(edit)2TNApicnic23(edit)TNApicnic11(edit) TNApicnic15(edit)  TNApicnic18(edit) TNApicnic09(edit)

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