Tim Neville Arboretum

Sustainable Public Lighting, Knox City Council 2013-15

TNA Lighting_bannerSince mid 2012 Pollen Studio has been working alongside Knox Parks Services to deliver a $340,000 sustainable lighting upgrade at Tim Neville Arboretum in Fern Tree Gully. Assisted by a team of expert sub-consultants [Martin Butcher Lighting Design, Melbourne Geological Consultants & Clive Steele Partners] this pilot project aims to demonstrate Councils commitment to best practice lighting technology in its parks.

TNA Lighting - Nighttime Use Study

The upgraded public lighting system combines functionality, environmental benefits and modern aesthetics to improve the safety and ambience of the park. It is hoped that this demonstration project will light the way for the future of public realm lighting throughout Knox.

TNA Lighting - Movement Study Nighttime

TNA Feature Tree Night Collage - 710On-site testing of tree up-lights.

The Tim Neville Arboretum was developed and opened in 1988 and is regarded as one of Knox’s premier public parks. The upgrade has carefully considered the parks current patterns of use to create a tailored lighting design to improve all year round enjoyment, usability, safety and energy efficiency throughout the park. Other recent upgrades at the Arboretum have included a new all abilities playground and accessible toilets.

The requirement for a complete lighting system upgrade created the opportunity to investigate innovative park lighting systems employing cutting edge, energy efficient LED technology for the first time in Knox. LED lighting is many times more efficient than traditional lighting technology and has an impressive life span to match.TNA Lighting_710 04 TNA Lighting_710 03 TNA Lighting_710 02


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