Springvale Planters

Springvale, City of Greater Dandenong, 2017

Pollen collaborated with horticulturally astute landscape architects AKAS Landscape Architects to develop a seasonal planting program for a series of planters in the Springvale Activity Centre. Working with the City of Greater Dandenong’s Placemaking, Horticulture and Open Space teams, we developed a summer and winter planting program that could be transplanted to nearby parks at the end of every season. Planting Palette by AKAS Landscape Architects

Working closely with AKAS and Council’s horticulture team, we provided a series of diverse planting palettes, native, exotic and edible plants that would provide colour, texture and vibrancy to Springvale’s streets. Photomontages by Pollen

Pollen implemented the first series of planters, including detailed plant schedules, costings, maintenance and planting programs that could be adapted by Council over the years to come. We also designed a custom steel planter insert so that Council’s parks team could arrange the planting at their depot and then drop them into the finished planters on site in one day.The Springvale Planters are a result of a truly collaborative approach by two landscape architecture practices along with multiple Council departments. The planters will provide a constantly changing visual interest and cooling effect to the Springvale streets that reflects the diversity of the community that they sit within.


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