Shepparton Pop-Up Garden

Home Central, Shepparton, 2014

Shepp Pop Up 13_banner

Pollen Studio was approached by Peloton Design to assist with the design of a pop-up garden for Shepparton Home Central. The garden was designed to occupy a key corner of the site for one year with a series of programmed events to be staged in the garden throughout the year.140207_Shepp popUp_Concept_20140806 (for web)We custom-designed furniture for the site using local and recycled materials from K&S Pallets as well as the Melbourne-based skills of Branchflower CNC. Timber pallets were upcycled into coffee tables, raised planters and a bespoke stage complete with vertical garden towers. All built elements were handcrafted by the Pollen team, including the fifty succulent planters made from recycled tomato cans (that’s a lot of passata!)

The plant selection proved challenging, as they had to be resilient, shade tolerant as well as striking in colour and form. We achieved a balance with lush native ferns, drought-tolerant flowering shrubs and hardy deciduous trees to provide seasonal variance. The colour palette for the project was intentionally restrained to allow the bright yellow box seats to pop and the flowers to shine.

The garden will remain in place for the next year, allowing visitors to Shepparton Home Central to take a load off, whilst having the chance to win a prize, have a coffee or just enjoy the garden setting. Shepp Pop Up 02_710 Shepp Pop Up 03_710 Shepp Pop Up 04_710 Shepp Pop Up 05_710 Shepp Pop Up 06_710 Shepp Pop Up 07_710 Shepp Pop Up 08_710 Shepp Pop Up 09_710 Shepp Pop Up 10_710 Shepp Pop Up 11_710 Shepp Pop Up 12_710 Shepp Pop Up 14_710 Shepp Pop Up 15_710 Shepp Pop Up 16_710 Shepp Pop Up 17_710 Shepp Pop Up 18_710  Shepp Pop Up Graphic 02_710 /Users/flynnhart/Dropbox/POLLEN/POLLEN projects_jobs (active)/14

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