24 Hour Emergency Art, Winter in Banyule Festival, 2012

Dan Nunan of Pollen Studio was selected to be one of four artists to partake in Banyule City Council’s 24 Hour Emergency Art project. As part of the Winter in Banyule Festival, this event asked the four artists to create a work in 2 x 12hour stints in the Banyule Arts Space, effectively creating a two day artist-in-residence program.

‘Phylum’ sits between ‘Kingdom’ and ‘Class’ in the taxonomic classification of living things. This installation aims to bring awareness to the plant diversity that once existed in Banyule and how that diversity has rapidly declined in the last 200 years.

Phylum is a hanging installation that presents the spectrum of Ecological Vegetation Classes (EVC’s) from within 5 kilometres of the gallery site as they existed in 1750 and as they are now. Each column represents a different EVC and each row represents a different type of species present within that EVC. The empty pots are representative of the rapid disappearance of our indigenous flora and the ‘gaps’ that appear in our biodiversity as a result.



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