Doorways Installation, Peaceful Pathways Project, Glenroy, Moreland City Council 2013

Doorways Event June (cover)

‘Doorways’ is an installation and event that aims to act as a feedback loop between the Wheatsheaf Road traders and Moreland City Council.

Through a series of installations and events, we hope to pique the interest of the local business owners and get them thinking about what the urban fabric of Wheatsheaf Road Shopping precinct and Glenroy more widely could become. The ultimate aim is to get traders thinking about opportunities to activate the hidden spaces of the precinct, to ask people to reconsider what their adjacent public spaces (frontages, laneways and car parks) offer them and their customers and how these opportunities might be developed.

PP1We believed that a straight-out art installation, without engaging the local traders didn’t offer best value to this community and so we proposed a combination of semi-permanent installations with a festive event to allow the traders to take ownership of these spaces and their vision. ‘Doorways’ is not about telling the community what should happen in their urban environment, but rather creates a conduit for them to tell their stories and create a rich vision that will become the basis for future improvements.


In the laneway between Wheatsheaf Road and the Waterloo Road car park we installed a series of doors, letterboxes and planted canopies. We visited traders in the area to invite them to participate in the ‘Doorways’ project by placing feedback in the laneway’s letterbox. We have also invited them to a lunch event to be held in the laneway to continue the conversation about their neighbourhood and encourage the feedback loop to evolve.

The installation will evolve in response to emergent themes in the feedback received. For instance if the community wants more planting, the laneway will be populated with more plants. If the community wants more parking, the laneway will be filled with parking signs. The installation will become a feedback loop demonstrating the desires of the local trader community and will become the ultimate public realm conversation piece. PEACEFUL PATHWAYS



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