Oxford Street Park

Collingwood, City of Yarra, 2013

Oxford St_710_banner

Pollen Studio was contracted by the City of Yarra to supervise the design documentation and contract administration of a major urban revitalisation project in one of Victoria’s most dense inner urban suburbs. The project involved the closure of a portion of an existing street and conversion into a new park.

We worked closely with the project designers at the City of Yarra as well as the documentation team from Urban Initiatives to ensure that this complex project was delivered as a high quality urban space outcome.

Pollen dealt directly with the contractors and fabricators to resolve on-site issues and undertake contract administration tasks. A complex array of custom designed raised steel planters, timber and steel benches, decking and lawn came together to produce a new and highly sought-after open space for the Collingwood community. Oxford St_710_11Oxford St_710_07Oxford St_710_03

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