Melbourne Bowls Club

City of Melbourne Bowls Club, Flagstaff Gardens, 2017 – 2018

Pollen were engaged by the City of Melbourne Bowls Club to undertake a concept design phase for an extension to the existing outdoor space of the bowls club in Flagstaff Gardens. The bowls club currently operates during the spring and summer seasons, and as a result of welcoming new club members, the current outdoor space has become insufficient.

Utilising a currently disused space adjacent to the existing barbecue facilities, Pollen proposed a space which aims to be a holding point for rotation sessions of club members. This means members are able to mingle prior to their bowls session as well as wait for their teams to finish their session. This was achieved through the use of high quality minimal seating and ample bar tables for members to enjoy. As shade was a requirement of the design, bar tables were also integrated into two proposed large structures which are partially clad with timber and house large shade trees. The structures also contain understorey and climbing planting to aid in reducing heat within the sunny space.

The concept design package is currently with the City of Melbourne for funding and approval.

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