Matthews Hill Grassland

Brimbank City Council, Sunshine, 2017 – 2018The Matthews Hill Grasslands project proposes a series of landscape elements which do not disrupt but rather enhance current user engagement with the site. Pollen was engaged by Brimbank City Council to undertake landscape architectural design services from concept design through to design development and quotation assistance. The overall design includes interpretative signage, access gates, a main access path and timber stile, which are in response to the brief provided by Brimbank City Council. The timber stile is proposed to replace the existing timber stile, but also create a stopping and resting space as opposed to just an element that is used for access. The timber stile aims to frame the existing grasslands and encourage users to engage with and observe the existing landscape. A series of steel kangaroo structures and secondary access steel gates are proposed as part of the design, referencing the natural history of the space, with visibility from the existing adjacent playspace, proposed timber stile area, and even the adjacent railway line through which the Sunbury, Watergardens and VLine run through.

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