Lilian Cannam Kindergarten

Lilian Cannam Kindergarten, South Melbourne, 2016 – 2017

Pollen Studio were engaged by the Lilian Cannam Kindergarten Committee to undertake concept to documentation phases for the playspace design of their kindergarten. The design was primarily focused on providing higher play amenity through the use of landscape elements as opposed to simply pieces of play equipment.

The design focuses on nature play and free play – allowing the imagination of children to be used to it full potential by constructing elements such as a mudpit with joined water play channel and a theatre stage. The existing Lilian Cannam Kindergarten threatre stage sign was retrofit onto a new timber stage wrapped around an existing tree and accompanied with rustic log seating for an audience fit for all kindergarten children.

A key feature of the kindergarten is the shiny water pump atop the water pebble swale, as well as the main rustic timber climbing structure. These elements are tied together through the use of free play landscape spaces such as the mudpit, water play and sandpit spaces.

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