Lanna International School

Lanna International School, Chiang Mai, Thailand 2018

In 2018 Pollen Studio was asked by Playground Ideas to collaborate on a playspace and outdoor space design for the Lanna International School in Chiang-Mai, Thailand. Lanna International School has outgrown their current school grounds and plans to move into a newly built school by the end of 2018. The construction of the new school includes a new rectangular outdoor playspace area surrounded by school buildings on all four sides.

Consultation with school children from grades one to five as to what they want from their school playspace. Rather than prompting the question of which types of equipment the children envisages, they were asked about the types of play and activities they enjoyed, such as climbing, socialising and quiet spaces. Being stationed on site also mean the consultation process extended out to parents of the school children.

An understanding of accessibility to local materials and their suppliers helped inform the construction methods of the bespoke play equipment within the site. This also ensured maximum use of the construction budget as it ensured play equipment and elements were sourced and constructed locally as opposed to importing from abroad.

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