Kimberley Reserve Active Living Hub

Chirnside Park, Shire of Yarra Ranges, 2016

kimerley-reserve_headerThe Kimberley Reserve Active Living Hub in Chirnside Park is a multiple facility upgrade in the Shire of Yarra Ranges with the support of the Victorian Government’s Growing Suburbs Fund. The project includes a new nature-based play space, multi-courts, a dedicated dog agility park, exercise and fitness equipment areas, new pedestrian path networks and water-sensitive planting beds.160405_Kimerley Reserve_Analysis_160531 copyPollen Studio was engaged by the Shire Ranges in early 2015 to prepare the concept designs, tender documentation and contract administration of the project. We took inspiration from the forests, creeks and valleys of the Dandenongs to celebrate the surrounding environment in all its diversity.kimerley-reserve_concept_710Pollen developed a restrained palette of materials, including timber, stone, steel and brick to design a range of elements throughout the site that are tied together through their materiality.kimerley-reserve_materials_710New netball and basketball multi-courts provide the forecourt to a new nature-based play space that features carved timber post play items, swings, sand pits, logs and planting. Feature elements include carved timber totem poles in the play space and dog park that respond to the environmental themes. The dog park also includes grassy mounds, jumping hoops, slalom poles, tunnels and a large concrete dog bowl./Users/DanNunan/Dropbox/POLLEN/POLLEN projects_jobs (active)/160

/Users/DanNunan/Dropbox/POLLEN/POLLEN projects_jobs (active)/160

kimerley-reserve_log-02_710 kimerley-reserve_log-01_710

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