Enhancing Swan Hill Lights

Swan Hill Sustainable Lighting Strategy

Swan Hill Rural City Council, Victoria, 2015

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Pollen Studio, in collaboration with Buckford Illumination Group were selected to develop a sustainable lighting strategy for public areas along the Murray and Marraboor Rivers as well as into the Swan Hill CBD.

“The Enhance Swan Hill Lighting Strategy feels unique because it was tested, explored and debated on site. Pollen Studio made sure that a wide range of Council staff were included, which has led to full support from all levels of Council – from those who will be advocates for its funding right through to its on-ground delivery. Detailed implementation matrixes and product options have given Council officers fresh tools to approach lighting, both on the Riverfront and throughout the entire municipality. We are already using the strategy to deliver best practice, sustainable lighting projects with the confidence that they fit with the wider vision for our Riverfront.” 

Brett Luxford, Director of Development and Planning, Swan Hill Rural City Council


The need for a Lighting Strategy was identified by Council to highlight key features in Swan Hill and increase accessibility of key walking and shared paths during the development of both the Swan Hill Riverfront Masterplan and Swan Hill Rural City Council Active Transport Strategy 2014-2034.

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Council’s Active Transport Strategy also identified the need to develop a Lighting Strategy for key walking/shared paths within Swan Hill and along the Riverfront shared path and to link key routes in order to broaden the usability of these areas.

The Lighting Strategy aims to ensure that a consistent, best practice, practical approach is taken as funding becomes available, rather than adhoc installation of lights as has previously been the case.

150214 swan hill lighting pg1-3-5 - draft final plan [b]

A unique site calls for a unique approach that is not necessarily about just ‘adding lighting’, but instead highlighting existing elements within the night-time experience of visitors and locals alike.

Council Officers were instrumental in the testing and development of this Strategy. During the site analysis phase of the Strategy development process, key Council staff joined Pollen Studio and Buckford Illumination Group to observe and test lighting effects on site at identified locations. All staff remained on site well into the night discussing and debating the pros and cons of a range of lighting effects. On-site observations were distilled into lighting opportunities plans for presentation and discussion with the project group.

Swan Hill Lights 710_07

This Lighting Strategy aims to be easy to use and flexible to aid the future successful delivery of many individual projects across the study area over the coming years. While the Lighting Treatment Types and Product Options Table offers a range of appropriate solutions to desired lighting effects the Implementation Plan provides a clear overview for each individual project and its priority.

150214 Swan Hill Lighting pg2-4-6 - DRAFT Final Plan [B]


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