Cremorne Pop-Up Bar

Balmain Street, Cremorne, VIC

Pollen Studio collaborated with Folk Architects to develop the concept for a temporary bar and café space in a vacant car park in Cremorne. The developer purchased the site with the long-term aim of creating a multi-storey apartment building, however they saw the opportunity to create community interest in the site through the creation of a medium-term pop-up activation.

Drawing upon the site’s history of exhibition-style gardens, we sought to design a space that had a sense of wonderment and surprise. The entire site has been designed with a lightweight canopy to mimic a hot air balloon, reflecting the site’s history as one of the first sites in Australia to launch balloon rides. Timber-clad boxes frame the entry and cafe spaces, whilst landscape elements dissolve the boundaries of interior/exterior. Pollen worked closely with the client to develop multi-programmable spaces that maximise the capacity of the hospitality space, whilst allowing other temporary events such as cinema and yoga to occur at different times.

The Balmain St Pop-Up bar transcends the idea of temporary space into a longer-term community-driven hub. Beci Orpin completed the branding vision for the site, allowing the site to hold on to a unique vision that will guide the unfolding of this significant urban activation project.

View Renders: Folk Architects

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