Castlemaine Kindergarten

Castlemaine, Castlemaine Kindergarten, 2017-2018

Castlemaine Kindergarten approached Pollen Studio to prepare a staged concept design master plan for their existing outdoor landscape area. The requirements of the kindergarten were to provide more nature play and free space play, an additional shade structure, a new decking platform around the existing large central tree and interactive play equipment such as water channels and musical equipment.Other adventure play elements include excavation channels children can dig up and discover, located near the existing concrete worm art piece, and a flat free play area and lawn mound, perfect for ball games and its spectators. A series of quiet areas are hidden within visible but secluded nooks within the landscape, and making good to existing areas such as mulch top-up and re-planting low-level vegetation.

The project is currently in the process of Council approval and budgeting, with the first phase due for completion shortly after the Easter school break.

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