Carter Digital Living Sign

Carter Digital Carbon Neutral Studio, Fitzroy 2011 

Pollen Studio was approached by Carter Digital to design a unique ‘living’ sign for the exterior of their first floor studio in the center of Fitzroy. In keeping with Carter’s outstanding approach to their sustainable studio we proposed a living sign of lichen not moss. Lichen is indigenous to Melbourne, occurs naturally in the asphalt pavements of Fitzroy and requires little water or maintenance. It’s even an indicator of good environmental health, the less pollution there is the happier it is, just like the team at Carter.

We proposed laser cut steel lettering growing on a recycled and reclaimed steel frame allowing the sign to float beside the existing low-tech green wall of the studio (Ficus pumila).

This unique living sign concept aligns perfectly with Carter’s meticulously considered environmentally friendly studio in the heart of Fitzroy. We were understandable excited to present our spin on the now popular moss sign concept. Unfortunately, installation of the sign has been delayed due to required approvals.

To read more about Carter Digital’s carbon neutral studio visit their award winning website:





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