Cardinal Road Shared Path

Glenroy, City of Moreland, 2018

Pollen Studio were engaged by Moreland City Council to prepare a concept design package for the Cardinal Road Shared Path in Glenroy. The path proposes to connect to the existing bicycle network in Glenroy and provide users with a high-quality shared path which is currently being highly utilised as just a granitic sand path.The design comes in response to previous efforts of moving the cycle path onto the street in order to separate from pedestrians and avid joggers along Cardinal Road. This is due to the straightness and speed at which vehicles currently travel along Cardinal Road, therefore the aim of the project is to keep both pedestrians and cyclists safely off the road, together.The design proposes materials and elements such as concrete paving, garden bed separating pedestrians and cyclists, new line-marking and new signage along the shared path. A major component of the construction process will be the relocation of the many services currently located within the site area, as well as considering major levels changes and existing access crossings along the path.Careful consideration of existing and proposed kerb heights and drainage constraints will need to be further detailed. The project has just been through a community consultation process and next steps are in progress.

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