Athenaeum Place

City of Boroondara, Kew Junction, 2017

Pollen was engaged by the City of Boroondara in late 2016 to prepare the concept design and documentation of an urban laneway project in the heart of Kew Junction. In 2013, the Right of Way behind High St, Kew was named Athenaeum Place in memory of the old Athenaeum Hall. The hall housed a library and was used from 1860 until the 1960’s for the purpose of lectures and public events.

This tradition will continue through the redevelopment of the lane by encouraging greater community interaction with the space. The existing brick paving, light poles and furniture will be removed to make way for improved surface treatments, lunch spaces and a friendlier night-time experience.

The history of the site has been interpreted through signage at each end of the site as well as graphic representations incorporated into landscape elements.

The existing canopy trees have been retained and supplemented with a significant amount of new understorey plantings along the northern edge.

The redevelopment of Athenaeum Place aims to increase foot traffic and encourage longer stays in the centre, in support of local businesses and for the enjoyment of the public.

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