Urban Realities – Team Miskom

State of Design Festival, Melbourne Docklands, 2011

Tom Gooch, Kirsty Hustwick, Louise Miller, Angus Durkin, Xavier Cadorel, Briony Galligan, Elizabeth Dansie, Erin Farley, Clifford Dean and Flynn Hart.

Team Miskom’s site brief, ‘The Urban Graft, an alien landscape in need of healing’ was situated in the shadow of the broken Melbourne Eye. We collaborated day and night – drawing, discussing, engaging, collecting and making as a team – to realise our ‘Urban Graft’.

Miskom’s built proposition is foreign to Docklands, yet it provokes familiar and intimate memories. Grafted onto site, the arching form grows from the ground plane to enclose and reveal. An exterior skin invites exploration within. The knitting, weaving and grafting of materials emphasize the human act of making – leading to a response through a tactile experience further re-enforcing the impact of healing by a ‘grafted’ form.

Team Miskom’s Urban Graft received a Commendation from the international panel of judges.

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