Landscape Architects
Empowering communities to connect with and love their environment
Empowering communities to connect with and love their environment.

Pollen is a landscape architecture studio that believes the best way to create great spaces is by enabling clients and the broader community to become caretakers for our cities and environment.

Knowledge, humility and experience drive all of Pollen's projects. These strengths allow us to develop creative, environmentally considerate and thoughtful landscape experiences designed to be enjoyed by many - not just the few.

In our practice, we work alongside our clients, collaborators and stakeholders to nurture projects to evolve into self-sustaining community-driven outcomes where the completion of the project is just the beginning.

We draw upon our experiences across a diverse range of projects to inform and inspire our thinking around landscape connections and a climate positive future. As a studio, Pollen is committed to reducing our carbon footprint. We seek to invest our time and expertise in projects that align with our values.

We'd love to show you our approach, collaborate and help out.